At City Church, you don't have to choose between enjoying a strong student community or being fully integrated into the church body because here, we take on the big challenge of bringing together the best of those two worlds!

We have a DIVERSE STUDENT COMMUNITY where you can build meaningful relationships and find a culture of learning about Jesus together. Whether joining the student midweek group, going away on trips, meeting for coffee on campus or joining in small events throughout the year, there is always an opportunity to grow and have fun!

We are an INCLUSIVE CHURCH FAMILY that will embrace you with support and care, helping you become the person you're meant to be - not only for Uni but for life! Whether joining a mixed midweek group, getting involved in personal discipleship, serving in one of our ministry teams or joining in countless socials, there is always an opportunity to be integrated and to contribute.

City Stud3nts are an integral part of City Church and at the heart of our vision!


During this time of isolation we still believe it is important to meet and keep community with each other. Thus we will be meeting everyday at 2 pm via zoom for a short bible study. If you would like to know more about that then just click here

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