From September 15th to December 1st we will be going through our Jesus is Better Than _____ series! 

Over the course of these next few months Matt and Ralph will be preaching through Hebrews, analyzing the many examples that are given as to why Jesus is better than any other thing.

If you happen to miss a sermon or just really need to hear a certain message again then do not fret as there are two ways for you to catch up!

You can either:

Watch the sermon videos here

Or click on one of the cards below to listen to the audo from the sermon 

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Jesus - A Better Hope

November 17th


In this sermon Matt looks over what it means to have hope as a Christian, encouraging us with stories of those who have demonstrated such hope and then helping us to see how we can use this hope to be bold for the faith and endure all adversity that comes our way. 

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Jesus - A Better Joy

November 24th 


In this sermon Matt looks at what it means to keep the joy of Christ in our daily lives, and the way that it can help us endure suffering by considering how Jesus will help us to grow through it. 

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Jesus - A Better Life

December 1st


In this sermon Ralph will look at the way that our modern world is craving for the secret to how to live our best life, but in the end none of that will be able to give us that better life.Only Christ can give us the promise of a better life and an even better future.