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City Church Manchester was planted on 7th September 2014 in order to join the gospel advance in the nation’s second city with Ralph Cunnington and Matt Waldock serving as co-pastors.We feel the most effective strategy is to plant and reinvigorate churches and to do this well we need to develop men and women who will be trained and equipped to join these core teams as church members or ministry staff. This internship seeks to prepare graduates to take up these positions.

Ralph Cunnington (co-pastor)
Was a law lecturer at Durham University and trained for pastoral
ministry at WEST and Westminster Seminary London.
He is a member of the board for UCCF.

Matt Waldock (co-pastor)
Was a UCCF Staff Worker for Merseyside and Chester and has
been involved in developing leaders in Africa with the charity
Emerging Leaders.


The internship is designed to prepare and deploy graduates with a heart for serving churches within pioneering urban situations.

The programme lasts one or two years and involves the following:

  • One day a week attending a theological training course with North West Partnership.
  • Practical training in a variety of areas within churchlife; including evangelism and pastoral counselling. Serving in a broad range of church ministries - gathering experience and proficiency.
  • Investment in leadership development with a focus on the soft skills of communication, teamwork, adaptability, problem solving, critical observation, and conflict resolution. This will involve a specific ministry area and significant projects to develop and hone these leadership skills.
  • A minimum of 50 hours of one-to-one mentoring with senior staff.
  • A four-week trip to one of our US church partners for training and development.


Interns will participate in City Church’s ten year vision - “We are a growing church that seeks to train and generously send labourers to plant churches in Manchester, the North West and beyond.”

We are a growing church that trains—We are a church that is growing, not just in the number of people attending and participating in the life of City Church, but also growing in the depth and enjoyment of our relationship with Jesus Christ.

And generously gives labourers— We want to train and develop everyone to become life-long labourers for the gospel by encouraging and helping facilitate them to use their time, talent and treasure in partnership with City Church.

To resource and plant churches— We want these labourers to make an impact on the city through City Church as we seek to resource and revitalize established churches, as well as encourage and facilitate new church plants in areas of gospel need.

In Manchester, the North West and beyond— Where do we want this to happen? Everywhere! We want to send and engage with our local area here in Manchester, reaching out to the North West of England, and then extending out to the entire world.

Our vision is about growing and establishing life-long labourers for Christ who will engage with the world around them, inviting everyone to enjoy Christ for the glory of God!


We envisage interns graduating from the programme and moving on toward one of three pathways:

Planter Residency
Interns identified with gifts and interests in full-time church ministry will be provided a potential training pathway for further development. This might include residential or home based seminary level theological education or accredited pastoral counselling training.

Professional Residency
Interns seeking to develop their professional skills and still serve the church may continue on for another year with a focus in a particular skill area. Examples include: graphic design, videos, project management, financial, and IT.

Professional Launchpad
Interns moving directly into professional employment will be offered support in articulating the skills and experience gained over these years into a competitive CV. Interns will also be linked with a member of the church with a relevant industry background to be a mentor.


Manchester is a growing city of 2.7 million people and offers plenty of opportunities to embrace life, culture and the future. Here are a few highlights:

  • It’s big, but not too big - Manchester has a big city feel, but without the vast distances.You can easily get around the city centre without much effort.
  • It’s a media hub - Media City UK is home to the BBC and ITV as well as many creative and technological startups.
  • It’s a thriving cultural scene - from museums and galleries to sports and theatre, Manchester has a lot to offer and a lot of it is free.
  • It’s a great food scene - with a wide varietyof different cultures, there is a brilliant mix of restaurants and food shops including the Curry Mile and a sizeable Chinatown.
  • It’s close to the countryside - After a short 30 minute train/car ride you can be in the peak district or be in scenic Cheshire south of the airport.
  • It’s difficult to describe - in Manchester you get a unique feeling amongst the people, the architecture, the music, the art, the sport and everything else. Being a bit gritty and rough round the edges brings its own kind of beauty and you definitely feel this is a place people are proud of and proud to call home.


City Church will provide a stipend of £4,200 per year toward the cost of the internship. Each intern will then be required to raise and additional £4,200 per year for additional living expenses.

We are committed to seeing each intern fully funded with a team of financial and prayer partners supporting them.

  • You will receive personal financial support training to provide the necessary tools and Biblical understanding about the value oft his model of ministry partnership.
  • We will provide a personal support coach to give encouragement and accountability during the fundraising stage.

Additionally, City Church will cover the costs of the training with North West Partnership, a leadership conference, and all expenses related to the four-week trip to serve alongside one of our US partners.

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