Student One-2-Ones

We recognise that students are at a unique stage of their lives; one of change and decisions. So we want to give you the extra help you need – a One-2-One!

If you decide to be in a One-2-One, you’ll meet up with an older member of the Church - someone who will care for you and challenge you as a person and as a Christian. You’ll get to meet regularly and be built up in discipleship with our 3 main areas in mind:

1) Character: Becoming more Christlike as you study His word and deepen your relationship with Him
2) Conviction: Strengthening your faithfulness in God throughout your time at university, especially during the hardest times.
3) Competency: Training your ability to handle the Bible, discuss and present your world-views, deal with situations that may arise in your personal or work life, and being a Christian student.

Your One-2-One may take place as a formal bible study, a discussion about an interesting debate in the news on and even just time building fellowship together or praying together.

We would love to see all our students in a One-2-One at City Church. If you’re interested, then please fill out a form at church or email Barbara

"I can’t encourage people enough to get involved in a one to one. When we read through the gospels, we see Jesus invest deeply and speak into the lives of his disciples. Doing a one to one reflects that. It’s regularly meeting up with someone in the church, who will meet you where you are at. But, like the Gospel, won’t leave you there. By reading the Bible, praying and chatting through things - you’ll find yourself being pointed to the Gospel and beauty of Jesus. (And discovering a whole bunch of fab Northern Quarter coffee shops)"

Ella, 3rd year student