Connect ONLINE

Connect groups will continue to be a place for community, care and an opportunity to discuss and reflect on sermons. Connect groups will meet via group video call, at the usual time of 7:30pm (Weds/Thurs) or 9:30am (Fri). We pray that Connect will continue to be an invaluable time for church family to encourage, pray and care for one another, so please continue to make this a priority in your week. 

If you are not currently in a Connect group, email Liam and he would love to get you involved. 

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Praying and spend time reading God's word will help you stay healthy!

Thanks to the Holy Spirit, we can pray and read anywhere. Thanks to technology, we can do it together even if we're not able to meet up! If you'd like to join a prayer group or one-to-one Bible study, Barbara will be happy to get you sorted.

Email Barbara

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Feeling anxious or overwhelmed?

During this difficult time, caring for you is a priority.  If you have one, your Connect Leader is there to chat and pray for you. If not you're not yet in a group, someone from the pastoral team will be happy to help.  

Email Matt  

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Classes might be cancelled but we're still going!

City Stud3nts are going LIVE everyday at 2pm for Bible study, devotionals, prayer, encouragement and support. We don't just want to cope during this season – we want to thrive. Alan would love to help you stay or get connected with City Students!

Email Alan