Job Opportunities

Here at City Church, we are always looking for ways to encourage people to use their talents and gifts to 'Invite Everyone to Enjoy Christ for the Glory of God'. One of those ways is to highlight specific roles and needs we have in the church for qualified individuals to come and serve alongside us. Below are some of our current opportunities and an interest form. If you would like to apply or receive more information, please fill out the form and wewill get in touch.

Ministry Trainee Programme
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The internship is designed to prepare and deploy graduates with a heart for serving churches within pioneering urban situations. The programme lasts one or two years and involves the following:

  • One day a week attending a theological training course with North West Partnership.
  • Practical training in a variety of areas within church life; including evangelism and pastoral counselling. Serving in a broad range of church ministries - gathering experience and proficiency.
  • Investment in leadership development with a focus on the soft skills of communication, teamwork, adaptability, problem solving, critical observation, and conflict resolution. This will involve a specific ministry area and significant projects to develop and hone these leadership skills.
  • A minimum of 50 hours of one-to-one mentoring with senior staff.
  • A Four-week trip to one of our US church partners for training and development.

Operations Manager 
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This two-year role is designed to work directly with the Operations Director by providing leadership and oversight to all of the operation areas of City Church Manchester. This role will require a significant amount of time working with and coordinating our member volunteers and Ministry Interns, as well as working with the Treasurer as a financial bookkeeper.

  • Financial Bookkeeping - There will be a minimal amount of financial bookkeeping. The minimal amount expected will be to manage payment of bills and coordinate entry of payments made by staff.
  • Project Management - There will be a significant amount of time spent managing and coordinating various projects throughout the church. This will require the candidate to lead, manage, and coordinate a team of volunteers to see a project through from conception to completion.
  • Teams Coordination - There will be significant coordination with the City Church ministry teams to provide operational support and oversight working alongside the Team Leader and Deacon responsible for each area.
  • Financial Partner Pathway - This will involve working alongside the Senior Leader Team to develop and maintain external partnerships. This will involve communicating with and supporting our external partnerships along with hosting and leading any summer teams that come to serve at City Church.
  • Operational Oversight - Leading and coordinating of these operational areas: Facilities and Health & Safety.
  • Office Management - Ensure the proper running and oversight of the church office. This will involve coordinating the Ministry Interns to ensure the cleanliness, set up/down for events, general stocking, and readiness of the office as a whole.

Creative Director 
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This role is designed to to creatively reach out to people across the city, connect and equip Christian creatives and resource new and established churches in Manchester and beyond. This will be accomplished through church communications, creative outreach, and creative leadership.

  • CHURCH COMMUNICATIONS - Provide for the creative needs of City Church and the new and revitalised churches it seeks to support as it communicates both internally and externally. This is done by strategy & vision, branding, tone of voice & brand guardianship, campaigns & event art direction, digital engagement & content creation, regular church communications (flyers, sermon series, membership engagement, etc..). Gather, train up and lead a team of creatives to serve with excellence at City Church and beyond
  • CREATIVE OUTREACH - Help share the Gospel by creating & directing gospel-focused missional content, launch gospel content platform, serve the city by supporting chosen social enterprises/businesses, network in Manchester’s creative scene and make relationships with creatives in the area.
  • CREATIVE LEADERSHIP - Support Manchester Christian creatives by helping provide a strategic framework to disciple, mentor & train up younger Christians to think Biblically about their creative skills and improve their craft. Facilitate Bible-based, gospel-focused training to think creatively. Network across churches to engage and develop a Christian creative community and help church leaders engage the creatives in their churches to serve God and the church Biblically and with integrity.